Who’s ‘The Beer Gypsy’

ProfileEditNamed for her love of travel and beer, The Beer Gypsy is the brainchild of Ontario-based Marissa Bégin. Since 2012 Marissa has recorded her thoughts, feelings, and journeys centered around the world’s greatest beverage.

Marissa’s story is a classic fairytale of falling in love with good beer. Originally studying Hospitality Hotel & Restaurant Management at St. Lawrence College, her time working as a restaurant manager introduced her to the incredible diversity of local and international beers. Her job was the push that got her interest rolling. After starting her blog talking about her experiences in management, Marissa soon took a risk and began to pursue a life in the beer world.

Her risk paid off. It wasn’t long before The Beer Gypsy became a regularly heard name in Ontario, particularly in the Ottawa region, where she was a fixture at many beer events, often volunteering for breweries pouring samples. She found much success working as a sales representative for such accomplished breweries as Railway City & Flying Monkeys. Though eventually her heart lead her to Toronto where she worked as the Event Coordinator for Side Launch & decided to take a break from writing to focus on her career a bit.

After a hiatus, The Beer Gypsy is back & she is currently calling Indie Ale House her home, spending her days spreading the word of great beer. When she’s not working she’s keeping up to date with beer trends & hanging out with her Boyfriend & Cat, Wuddala.


4 thoughts on “Who’s ‘The Beer Gypsy’

  1. Hi Beer Gypsy,

    Wanted to let you know about an event we’re hosting on May 14th, together with Wellington Brewery at the Riverside Public House (Queen and Broadview).

    Starting at 7pm, there will be 7 served bacon dishes paired with 7 Wellington beers, finishing with a Rashers casked ale.

    The event is supported with live music from Toronto’s Danger Bees and some standup comedy from Barry Taylor.

    Tickets can be purchased at torontobeerandbacon.eventbrite.ca

    If you have any questions, let us know.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to make it!


    North America’s Only Dedicated Bacon Sandwich Shop 948 Queen St. East. Toronto.
    Facebook: RashersInc
    Twitter: RashersTO

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