BITE MY BEER: Mom’s Apple Crisp with Nickel Brook Raspberry Uber

Growing up I was a pretty picky eater but there were a few things I could never say ‘No’ to. One of those was my Mom’s apple crisp, even though it was a super basic recipe it was still so delicious.

With Mother’s Day being last weekend I thought I’d pay tribute to Mom with this recipe but obviously adding my own twist!


Nickel Brooks Raspberry Uber was a great choice for this recipe. Adding the Raspberry beer to the apples gives it an amazing sweet/tart combination. The beer bakes right into the apples and lingers throughout the dish.


This dish is really easy and always a big crowd-pleaser. Sometimes simple really is best.

Recipe - Mom's Apple Crisp


Bite My Beer: GLB Canuck Jalapeño Boats

The last two years have been a crazy journey but now I’m back to continue to write about my love of beer. I could spend this whole post blabbering on about the last two years but instead I thought I’d start off with my first post back to be a delicious recipe. Let’s dive right in shall we?

When it comes to entertaining, especially in the warmer months it is always nice to have an appetizer that is not only easy to make but relatively quick, Jalapeno Boats made with Great Lakes Canuck Pale Ale is just that. The recipe is quick and easy and will sure to hit the spot for whatever the occasion. This is also a great recipe to try on the BBQ as well for all you lucky people who have one.


I loved using Canuck for this recipe because the flavor of grapefruit and pine is a great combination with the cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and pepper without being over powering. Also with it’s year round availability at not only their Retail Store but many LCBO & The Beer Store locations it makes it easy to become a staple for not only this recipe but for just being stocked in the fridge.


Recipe - Jalapeno Poppers (2)