Lifestyle Blogging?

Over the last little while I have contemplated whether or not to keep this strictly a ‘beer blog’ but as much as I love beer I do have a lot of other passions and I have this outlet so why not utilize it!

Also lately with a bit of a money pinch it’s been harder for me to always guarantee a beer recipe post. I know… I work in the beer industry and still pay for beer… & that’s actually my choice. Yes, there are some breweries who have added me to PR lists and send me beer here and there but generally I do like to purchase my products because it is also kind of a nice feeling knowing I’m supporting my own industry. So to be completely honest until my next payday, which is like a week and a bit away there won’t be another recipe post. I started this blog in 2012 and was extremely honest with all my posts (almost to a fault) and I want to keep it that way. I don’t want to loose any readers because I seem inactive. I’m also learning to not be so embarrassed with my money issues, I do live in Toronto after all the most expensive city ever…

With that it’s also opened up opportunities to work with other industries and reviewing some other pretty cool products. That’s where the ‘lifestyle’ part of my blog will come to play, I’m adding a fun section that is something I’ve always wanted to do – reviewing every day items and new to the market products. I know to some it sounds kind of lame and how does this actually tie in with a beer blog? BUT it does… EVERYTHING pairs with beer. Beer is so universal it’s actually kind of fun to think of pairing it with activities as well as just food. That’s what I plan on doing with this, any time there is a review there will be a beer along side it that ‘pairs’ with the activity.

So over the next little bit there will be a few ‘lifestyle’ posts here and there. I am actually really excited to share this with everyone.


– The Beer Gypsy