Here We Go Again!

Photo Credit - Michael Sunderland
Photo Credit – Michael Sunderland

It’s been awhile! A year and a few months actually. So many things have changed since my last post, my location, job, I also decided to embrace florescent coloured hair. It’s been an interesting year but I’m back now and so stoked to share this new beer adventure with everyone.

So what can you expect from The Beer Gypsy? I spent some time picking out favourite past posts, figuring out what I really enjoy doing and narrowing it down into segments that can be posted frequently or at random. Here’s an idea of what you’ll see,

  • New Beer Releases
  • Bite My Beer” (Cooking with Beer Recipes)
  • Drink Beer Here” (NEW SEGMENT – Finding bars around Ontario & beyond that push Craft Beer to the next level.)
  • Beer & Food Pairings
  • Events (Festivals, Tap Takeovers, Beer Dinners, etc.)
  • Contests! (Yes, That’s right. I’ve teamed up with a bunch of great local artisans & breweries to deliver you fun contests once a month!)
  • Collaborations (I’m really fortunate to have some awesome friends who love beer just as much as I do.)

To tell you the truth I can’t wait to get started on everything. I couldn’t have turned The Beer Gypsy into what it is without the support of my family, friends, and of course all my readers!

Over the next couple weeks I have a couple new beers to talk about, new recipes just in time for the changing seasons, & a collaboration that’s been in the works for months! I’ll also squeeze in some beer events here and there.

Here we go again…

– The Beer Gypsy


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