BITE MY BEER: Beau’s Bog Water – Chicken & Ribs

The warm weather is here! Finally! Or well warmer weather at least but since it’s still a little chilly let’s get one more heavy ‘stomach stuffer’ recipe out before we’re all complaining about the heat, cause hey! you know it’s going to happen.

This year I had a lot of new Winter Seasonal favourites, but when it comes down to it it is always nice to look for something familiar every year. In this case I’m spotlighting Beau’s – Bog Water and although it’s not readily available it’s still something I really wanted to feature. As we actually did this dinner a few months ago, but am delayed in posting. Brandy came up with this awesome dish that highlighted the beer beautifully & I just really wanted ribs again… beer and ribs always go together right?


When it came down to it we did a different take on Chicken & Ribs, having a chicken breast topped with sun-dried tomatoes & goat cheese. We also couldn’t eat just meat so Brandy made some mashed potatoes for the side.

Chicken & Ribs
For the Chicken:

2 Chicken Breasts
Sun-dried Tomatoes -1 cup (diced)
Beau’s Bog Water – 2 cup (1 approx for marinating)
Herbed Goat Cheese – 1 cup
Red Onion – 1/2 cup (diced)
2 Garlic Cloves

Beau’s marinated sun-dried tomatoes: Soak sun-dried tomatoes in Beau’s Bog Water for 15min.

For the Ribs:
1 Rack of Ribs (Short)
Beau’s Bog Water – 1/2 cup
Salt – Pinch
Pepper – 3 tablespoons




Heat cast iron skillet (med-high) with oil. Sear chicken breast on one side, flip, & continue cooking alone for 10min.

In a medium sized bowl mix together herbed goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes (that were marinated in Bog Water) & red onion together. Top on chicken breasts, pour 1 cup of Beau’s Bog Water on top, let simmer.

On the same cast iron skillet add cut short ribs, top with salt & pepper. Top with 1 cup of Beau’s Bog Water, let simmer.

Once cooked place in oven at 400°F for 5 minutes until cheese is lightly golden.


– The Beer Gypsy



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