BEER LAUNCH: Big Rig Gingerbread Porter Collab with Jeff O’Reilly

With the holiday season upon us I’ve been trying my best to embrace Christmas to the best of my ability (For those who actually know me know I’ve never been particularly found of Christmas but I try my best to not be a Grinch) Since I’ve gotten into beer I’ve found it easier to enjoy the holidays, not only because I generally have a nice consistent buzz on (I’m kidding…?) but the fact that most winter beers are generally extremely delicious.

On Friday I found myself at Big Rig Brewery for my first Christmas-y beer event of the season. It was the launch of the collaboration brew Gingerbread Porter by Lon Ladell & Jeff O’Reilly. The launch debuted the Gingerbread Porter (5.6%) on draft as well as a special one-off cask version of the Porter with an added mixture of candy-cane & Kahlua goodness. Big Rig Brewmaster Lon Ladell also released his new limited edition brew, Triple Chocolate Cherry Imperial Milk Stout.

When I talked to Jeff he said he really wanted ‘Christmas’ to come out in the pint. Well Jeff you definitely achieved that. The Gingerbread Porter (draft) was great. The aroma of gingerbread came off strong. The taste was true gingerbread, well balance and not over powering with a lingering of malt in the finish. The pint was served a bit too cold, but as it warmed the characteristics of the beer really came out. The Gingerbread Porter (cask) was literally Christmas in a glass. The concoction of liquor used in this was perfect. It tasted like a after eight with gingerbread… awesome!

The bar was surrounded by familiar faces and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, all around it was clear that everyone was really enjoying the new releases. With that said Congrats to Jeff & Lon on some great beers. Definitely look forward to you guys collaborating again in the future!

– The Beer Gypsy


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