The Beer Gypsy – Wow, It’s Been A Year…

The Beer GypsySo…

It’s been a year.. well a year and a month now.. I’m actually in a state of shock… can I use that as my excuse for lack of blogging? I guess this means it’s necessary to do some sort of year recap right? Now… where to start…

Back to the beginning, last year when I started writing ‘The Beer Gypsy’ I never thought it would get to where it is today. People actually read my blog? For reals? I always wanted my blog to be about beer somehow but my main focus was to give my perspective as a young restaurant manager and how crazy my life was. I feel like this is where I should throw in a link to my first post. Then Cask Days happened and everything changed, I started focusing more on beer then anything else and found myself wanting to learn everything about beer and try to encourage customers who came in for afternoon pints to try craft and that there was a lot more to beer then the average bottle I had in our beer fridge. For once in my life I actually felt happy with what I was doing, making a difference maybe? At least I think the world is a little bit of a better place when people actually appreciate beer.

So I came to a plateau for a bit… stayed comfortable with writing my thoughts down and posting them once a week or so. Not really pushing myself out there, I didn’t know how people would take me or my blog. Eventually people started following and messaging me.. I really don’t know it kinda just took off. So I started to write more and well here I am.

One thing is for sure it’s never been about people knowing who I am and having a ton of followers. I’m a small town girl, who found a passion for something and just want to spread my love of it. Over the year I’ve experienced a lot… I like to think I stay grounded, I’m actually pretty shy (go figure haha) I mean I’ve had some pretty awesome opportunities that I’m extremely thankful for. Such as working with Apt613 on The Great Ottawa Beer Guide 2013 & actually getting published in a real newspaper (may have been the local paper but still.. it was a big deal for me.)

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without some amazing friends I’ve met along the way, to that I am so thankful as well. I just really want to say thank you to everyone, each person in my life has helped me in some way with this blog. It really makes me smile.

So what’s next? Well now that I’m done school I have more time to focus on ‘The Beer Gypsy’ and where I want to take it. Obviously I can’t say what I want to do just yet because I’d like to make sure all my ducks are in a row before I jump the gun. I do have some trips coming up & lots of beer events in the near future. Always keeping busy.

Until next time…

– The Beer Gypsy


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