Craft Beer Lovers & Beer Bloggers in Ottawa Meet-up.

Last night (Monday, November 4th) the first ever meet up for ‘Craft Beer Lovers & Beer Bloggers in Ottawa’ was held at Stoneface Dolly’s. Organizing the event was local bloggers April & Chuck from For Barley of For Wort.

The event had been in planning for a few months now and knowing the organizers I knew that the event would be nothing short of awesome. The attendance total ended up being 39, a lot more then I had expected. It’s actually pretty sweet to think how the Ottawa beer scene is expanding.

The focus of the meet up was to finally put a name to the face of a twitter handle, most of us have been tweeting back and forth but have never had the chance to meet in person. I knew some people from previous events I’ve attended or from working events with Beyond The Pale but it was nice to finally get to talk to everyone without having to keep the conversation within a 140 character limit. Local owners & representatives were also present at the meet up, Paul (Kichesippi), Tyler (Flying Monkey’s), Scott (Muskoka), Grant (Spearhead), & JP & Trish (Turtle Island).

The event location itself was an excellent choice, a convenient location to get to. I had actually never been to Stoneface Dolly’s before but heard of their great reputation. The atmosphere was warm, a slight modern feel. The bar has a nice layout & the kitchen is also open concept (Which is something I really like.) For beers on tap they were carrying Ontario Craft, a fairly well rounded line up;

– Flying Monkey’s Antigravity
– Kichesippi Logger
– Kichesippi 1855
– Muskoka Harvest Ale
– Beaus LugTread
– Hogback Aloha then switching to Kilty Bastard

As for food, the dishes looked incredible. A personalized menu was put together by Jeff Russell, Chef at Stoneface Dolly’s.

Lamb Burger
Topped with goat cheese, caramelized red onion and peppers.

Almond Encrusted Chicken
Supreme style Mariposa breast topped with a brie cream sauce and poached pear. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Sun-dried tomato Goat cheese
Goat cheese covered with marinated sundried tomato, basil and green onion and served with homemade crostini.

Homemade foccaccia bread
With your choice of toppings: Choice of basil pesto and bruschetta or eggplant and goat cheese spread topped with caramelized peppers and onions

Black Bean
Penne tossed in a Black bean cream sauce served with portobello mushrooms and roasted red peppers

Chicken or Tofu Bobotie
A traditional South African dish. Baked ground chicken with light curry spices, almonds and raisons served with coconut basmati rice, fruit chutney, yogurt raita, and vegetables. Or for the vegetarians, choose baked tofu instead of chicken.

It was a great time getting to chat beer with everyone & to share opinions on the ever growing beer scene. I really wanted to do shout outs.. but I feel if I miss just one person I’d be terrible so for that I will just give a general ‘it was awesome to see everyone.’ (I really just have a terrible memory sometimes.) My twitter feed does however have shout outs to bloggers that were at the event, because I was somewhat smart enough to do some live tweeting.

To sum it up though it was a great first event. For Barley of For Wort definitely need to give themselves a pat on the back for this one. It was great to finally be able to get everyone in one place together. I’m really looking forward to the next one!


– The Beer Gypsy


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