It’s been a while…

The last month and a half has been a blur, I’d like to think I took a vacation from blogging but really life just got really hectic and busy for a while. Regardless of not writing it didn’t stop me from attending events and consuming large quantities of beer. With that being said here’s a little recap.

To start off school is almost done and even though this isn’t beer related it’s a big reason why my entries have been lacking. October 4th I’ll officially be done school and have a Welding & Fabrication certificate. I’ve been working really hard completing the in-class component of the level 1 apprenticeship. So with the weeks winding down I’ve been knee deep in shop projects, theory assignments, and exams.

Now back to beer…

In July I was interviewed by Chris Cline of Digestive Tracks on CKCU FM (Chris is also an editor of Apt613) about my thoughts on the local beer scene. I was honestly super nervous this is the first time I’ve been recorded for radio and like most was scared on how I would sound. It actually went great, maybe it was the couple pints I had before… regardless it was a great experience and I really appreciate having the opportunity to spread the love of craft beer.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can download and listen here –  ‘Digestive Tracks: Great Greek Fest and a Chat with the Beer Gypsy

Along came another opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Last year Apt613 released The Great Ottawa Beer Guide (a list of local breweries and good places to grab a pint.) This year I was approached to contribute to list some places I frequent just outside of Ottawa. I was super stoked about this, I love the Ottawa beer scene but people often forget that you don’t necessarily have to always be in the city to enjoy a good pint.Click here to view  The 2013 Edition of The Great Ottawa Beer Guide. You can also download the PDF file A fellow reader, John Brandsma, was kind enough to create. PDF Version.

Last but certainly not least… Over the last month I’ve been working away with two other beer enthusiasts on a site called Taps & Ales Reviews. Fear not! This is not the end of The Beer Gypsy, just a small branch out. I don’t want to get into too much detail but you can expect the launch of the site very soon.

So with all of that being said, I feel that’s a pretty good recap. Once again I do honestly apologize for the lack of writing but I promise with things moving forward there will be tons to read up on. Some things to look forward to? I did a few interviews, one I’m really excited about being my first ‘in person’ interview. Super casual, but I’m hoping everyone will enjoy it. Also some reviews (since reviews have seem to be missing on my blog lately.) I got a hold of a couple brews I can’t help but share some info about. I also got a chance to visit a few breweries as well as hitting up Toronto for TBW2013.

Stay tuned!

– The Beer Gypsy


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