Turtle Island Brewing Co. launches!

Turtle Island Brewing Co. is Ottawa’s newest brewing company which is currently contract brewing out of Broadhead. Owner JP Fournier is no newbie when it comes to the craft beer scene, an avid home brewer, founder of National Captial Craft Beer Week, WinterBrewed, and the Ottawa Tap Society. There is no surprise that JP has taken his next venture onto opening a brewery.

Turtle Island Brewing Co is focusing on quality beer, that is an experience all in itself. Each SMASH Cherry Alebeer is finely complex but balanced with exceptional ingredients. Their brewing philosophy is focused on quality, not quantity. Which definitely is shown with their first two products that were released earlier this week.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try both of their beers. First being SMASH Cherry Ale (Fruit Beer – 6.7%) which personally I’m not a fan of fruit beers but found this to suit my taste buds. Almost tasting like a freshly ripened cherry, not too sweet. The hints of caramel malts and light hops balanced everything perfectly. As it warms the flavours are released to their full potential, I really would recommend letting it warm a bit. The Second beer I was extremely lucky to have seeing as the beer had just been tapped, so we were able to try both in the same night. Talk about right place, at the right time. Dark Honey Brown (Old Ale – 7.4%) This beer is really impressive, we got to talk to JP a bit at Dark Honey Brownthe Arrow & Loon as we enjoyed his delicious new creations. He told us Dark Honey Brown is made with local honey, and you can tell. Aroma and Taste honey is definitely upfront. Drinking this beer you can taste all the complexities, with every taste you want more.

Right now Turtle Island Brewing Co wonderful creations are available at three locations in Ottawa; Arrow & Loon, Petit Bill’s Bistro, & 8 Locks Flat. (With other venues added to the list in the soon future.)

Turtle Island will officially launch tonight at the Watson Mills Craft Beer event.

Congratulations Turtle Island! I expect great things in your future!

– The Beer Gypsy


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