OCB Week 2013 – Tap for Tap: Muskoka vs Beau’s

Thursdays are really busy for me, I have my hardest welding classes of the week. That didn’t stop me though from attending Tap for Tap – Muskoka vs Beau’s at Corner Bar & Grill on Bank Street. I may have only stayed for an hour or so, but it was definitely worth while.

It was a packed house! I’m lucky I got there when I did. Muskoka’s Ross Muir & Beau’s Tim Duncan battled brews in five rounds. Round 1: Muskoka Craft Lager vs Beau’s LugTread. Round 2: Muskoka’s Summer Weiss vs Beau’s Wag the Wolf. Round 3: Muskoka’s Mad Tom IPA vs Beau’s Beaver River I.P.Eh? Round 4: Muskoka’s Legendary Spring Oddity vs Beau’s Rudolphus IV. Round 5: Muskoka’s Twice as Mad vs. Beau’s After Dark.

I stayed up until round 4, but really needed to make it back. The final talley was close but in the end Muskoka came up on top with the count 27-23. It was nice to see some familar faces! A few Barley’s Angels attended the event as well as one of the Brew Brahs.

Thanks Ross & Tim for having a such great event, always a pleasure!

– The Beer Gypsy


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