OCB Week 2013: Beau’s & Bands at O’Reilly’s Ale House

To end my Ontario Craft Beer Week I made my way to Perth to O’Reily’s Ale House for Beau’s & Bands featuring Autumns Cannon…

I’d never been to O’Reilly’s before and I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. O’Reilly’s focuses on bringing you great meals with locally sourced food & great live music. I had made a reservation but was waiting on a friend, so I took a seat at the bar. I took my time observing, taking in the atmosphere. Relaxing, it felt like a place I could call home. The service was friendly and efficient as well, not even a minute went by after taking a seat and I had already been approached and had my drink order taken. The selection of craft beer was excellent, I was really happy with what I saw. Even though it was a Beau’s event, I had a Mad Tom… I know, I know… But I was mainly drinking Beau’s at Tap for Tap so I guess it all equals out.

David from Beau’s was there to do the sampling of Festivale so I had a chance to talk to him again. We discussed once again how fantastic The Branch & Beau’s dinner was and how he was happy I made the trip out. He gave me a sample (even though I’ve obviously had Festivale before) then made his way through the crowd making rounds talking about Beau’s and all their great products and the things they do. Autumns Cannon rocked the house, I’m always skeptical on bands, but these guys did justice. Sounding identical to recordings, a great set. It was a great night.

Even though OCB Week is over I’ll be making my way back to O’Reilly’s Ale House this Sunday, June 30th for ‘O’Reillys Acoustic Sundays BBQ & Live Music on the Patio.’ Josef Mieto will be performing (Event Info) and I wouldn’t miss an opportunity for fantastic live music and good craft beer.

O’Reillys Ale House
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– The Beer Gypsy


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