OCB Week 2013 – Crafters of the Brewniverse

Last week I managed to accomplish the most out of OCB Week in the Ottawa Region. I was nervous at first seeing as this summer I have committed myself to trade school (Yay! Welding!) I made sure to plan in advance, there was a handful of events in the city but a few in particular that I really wanted to make sure I attended. Here we go from the beginning…

Crafters of the Brewniverse at Brothers Beer Bistro

Tuesday I met up with some friends and we all headed down to Brothers Beer Bistro in the market. Brothers decided to host a Tap Takeover of epic proportions for OCB Week, they invited five breweries out (which in my opinion they did a damn good job of picking them) Beau’s, Nickel Brook, Muskoka, Spearhead, & Beyond The Pale. When we arrived there were a few people but it was clear that we were some of the first. I mingled with some fellow Barley’s Angels members then made my way to the bar to talk beer and most importantly get myself one to drink.

I started off the evening with Nickel Brook, and pretty much stuck with them the whole night. Having their Saison first, then moving onto Immodest and finishing up with Naughty Neighbour. In regards to the styles of beer that evening I was all over the place, but regardless I enjoyed every last drop. I really like what Nickel Brook has been doing lately. Immodest is a favourite of mine and Naughty Neighbour is currently my ‘go-to’ summer beer.

I’ve actually never tried any of Spearheads products before. So I took two small tasters one of the Moroccan Brown Ale and the other their Belgian Stout. Out of both I preferred the brown ale. It had good balance and was very easy drinking. Had aromas of sweet and fruity malts. For taste; figs, plum, brown sugar, and rich malts came together perfectly. The mouthfeel was ridiculously smooth and it was a medium bodied beer. Belgian Stout had notes of spices and molasses. Offered hints of dark chocolate, coffee and citrus spices. Finish was smokey but a bit too bitter.

As the evening progressed so did the number of guests, eventually I made my way out to the patio ended up spending the majority of my evening out there talking. I ended up staying longer then I probably should have for a school night but it was definitely well worth it.

A big thank you to all the Reps you were great bartenders! To the guys at Brothers Beer Bistro and all the staff, thanks for hosting such a great event! Look forward to more in the future!

Another small shout out to ALL of the Beyond The Pale staff! I swear I met pretty much all of you that evening, all great people.

– The Beer Gypsy


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