OCB Week – Mini Recap – Part 1

Ontario Craft Beer Week 2013 is in full swing, so far I have managed to attend one event and hit up a couple of OCB licensees. With school I knew that this week was going to be a challenge for me. I decided to do a ‘mini recap’ as I make my way through the week and hammer out the bigger posts later next week.

I kicked off OCB Week 2013 (Sunday, June 16) at The Branch Restaurant & Texas Grill for the Rubber Boots buffet. Which consisted of me shoving large quantities of brisket in my mouth and enjoying a pint of Beaus Festivale. Seriously if you haven’t been, go and have the brisket… so good.

Last night I went to Brothers Beer Bistro for the Crafters of the Brewniverse. Breweries involved: Beau’s, Muskoka, Nickel Brook, Beyond The Pale, and Spearhead. I actually ended up staying a lot longer then I expected, time flies when you’re with good company. Meet lots of awesome people and drank some great beer.

Tonight I’m heading to The Branch, Beau’s Beer, and A Brewer Named Bartle. I’m really excited for this, especially because it’s within walking distance!

– The Beer Gypsy


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