Road trip to: Railway City Brewing Company

About a month ago I ended up in London with my best friend (Brandy) and it was only necessary that we made a detour to St. Thomas to visit Railway City Brewing Company.

the beer gypsy at railway city

I was really excited to visit the brewery, I had worked with them at the restaurant and was happy to finally be able to see where the beer came from. I was shocked though, honestly I thought the brewery was much bigger. The fact that they drove the kegs down to me all the way out in Burritt’s Rapids is almost heartwarming. Business is business but for the distance and amount I ordered I’ll always be grateful for the lengths Paul (Founder) & my rep, Steve (twitter: @craftbeerrep) went through to get me my beer.

We took a tour and we were surprised to see that they still use a small bottling machine and manual label machine. It really makes you appreciate the beer more, all the time and effort that gets put into it. It didn’t take long to finish the tour seeing the facility is so small, but we talked about how they are moving to a bigger location soon & all about what they plan on doing in the near distant future. I sampled some of their beers that I haven’t had the chance to try before (which wasn’t very many) and picked up a bottle of Honey Elixir to take home. The only mistake I made was not stocking up on more beer before I left.

beer line up

Railway City Brewing Company also won Gold at the Ontario Brewing Awards for their Black Coal Stout!

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– The Beer Gypsy


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