Barley’s Angels Ottawa Meet Up – Arrow & Loon

On Monday, May 13th the Barley’s Angels Ottawa met up at the Arrow & Loon (99 Fifth Ave  Ottawa, ON) for our monthly meetup.

At 6:00pm half the place had been taken over by beer loving woman.

What did I drink? I’m not going to lie, I played it safe at this meet-up. Since I’ve started school again (for those of you who don’t know I’m actually working on an apprenticeship in welding) I haven’t really been going heavy on the drinking during the week days. So I stuck with Beau’s Beaver River I.P.Eh? and Muskoka’s Mad Tom IPA.

The evening was spent discussing different brews and opinion as well as door prizes at the end. Thank you to Kichesippi Brewing Co, Double Trouble Brewing Co, Cassel Brewery and West End Chiles for some great prizes.

The next Barley’s Angels Ottawa Meet-up is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26th, 2013. Details to be announced!
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– The Beer Gypsy


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