That’s a lot of beer…

When it comes for shopping for beer I’m extremely indecisive. I usually walk into the LCBO, head to the craft beer section and stand there for about twenty minutes or long enough for a customer service associate to come over and ask me if I need help with anything. The worst part is I tell them ‘No, Thank you’ and end up spending another fifteen minutes with my eyes glazed over imagining the different possibilities of what I might be experiencing when I buy that certain beer. If I thought my trips to the LCBO were hard, I was about to get a shock when a Barley’s Angels Ottawa event made me make the trip to Bières Du Monde.

With over 300 beers to choose from, Bières Du Monde is not lacking any product. When I arrived for the tasting I was greeted by the Owner, Ryan Bellerive and was offered a small taster to start out with since I was a bit early (I have learned that it’s always best to be early.) Walking around the store before the tasting started, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Where do I start? Quiz me on Ontario Craft and I can do fairly well but when it comes to Quebec beer… I’m completely in the dark. I was fortunate to meet up with April (A fellow angel, who I have found has similar tastes to myself) who showed me around and told me about ones she had tried.

When everyone had arrived it was explained we would be tasting six products in total, some being ranked the best in the world.

1. MacTavish in Memoriam – Le Trou Du Diable (American Pale Ale)
Pours overall a clear golden. Dense foam, but left minimal lacing. Aromas of citrus with a light hop. The overall taste was quite nice; hop was light, floral notes and slightly fruity (I personally picked up the taste of grapefruit.)

2. Chaman – Dieu du Ciel (Imperial Pale Ale)
Pours an amber colour. Creamy off-white head, which had excellent lacing. Aromas of tea and lemon came to mind. I really enjoyed this beer, it was probably one of my favourites of the evening. I picked up the taste of black tea, nothing overly fruity if anything a bit of orange that would obviously coincide with the tea/herbal taste. Now I can say it didn’t satisfy my hop craving, but I was still happy.

3. Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus – Charlevoix (Belgian Strong Ale)
Pours like champagne, slightly cloudy, bubbly with light foam. Aromas of floral and the obvious Belgian yeast. Taste was sweet, predominate was the Belgian yeast. Most people know I like my bitterness so this is obviously not going to be my personal favourite but I did find it better as it warmed.

4. Porter Baltique – Les Trois Mousquetaires (Baltic Porter)
Pours very dark with thick creamy head. Aromas of roasted coffee and caramel. Reminded me of a deep cherry port my Grandma makes. Heavy coffee taste, caramel, left a smokey after taste. Hands down my new favourite porter, and I’m generally not a fan of them. It was definatly smooth, easy drinking.

5. Le Sang D’Encre – Le Trou Du Diable (Irish Stout)
Pours dark, head disappears quickly and is fairly thin. The beer had a wonderful aroma and I was actually fairly excited to try it. Vanilla and spices, I was ready for a great taste to follow. I have to say I was disappointed, there was nothing to it for me. I kept thinking it had something to do with my palette but I found it to be too light, with one taste that didn’t really follow with anything.

6. Péché Mortel – Dieu du Ciel (Imperial Stout)
Another one of my favourites. Pours dark, slight light hue with limited head. This stout just screamed coffee, from the aroma to the taste. Which makes senses seeing as Dieu du Ciel uses fair trade coffee during the brewing process. If anyone knows me they’ll know I’m a huge coffee fan. We paired this with a chocolate brownie and I was in heaven. A beautiful beer, definitely one to be savored.

Overall I was generally happy with my experience, even if I didn’t necessarily like everything i tried. You can’t like everything, right? I’ll definitely be back to Bières Du Monde soon to stock up on some goodies. I recommend everyone to make the trip there.

Bières Du Monde

Galeries Aylmer
181 Rue Principal
Gatineau, Quebec
J9H 6A6
Hours of Operation:

Monday – Tuesday 10:00h – 19:00h
Thursday – Friday 10:00h – 21:00h
Saturday 9;00h – 17:30h
Sunday 12:00h – 17:00h 

And don’t forget to check in with the Barley’s Angels Ottawa for upcoming events!


– The Beer Gypsy


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