Cheers for 3 Years! – Kichesippi Anniversary Party

Last Sunday couldn’t have been a better day to head out to Kichesippi to celebrate their 3 year anniversary. With the snow finally Anniversary Partygone it seemed like a great way to kick off the summer-ish weather. I’ve worked with Kichesippi through the restaurant and couldn’t have been happier to go out to show my support when Phil, my old rep contacted me. The night before the anniversary party I attended the Barley’s Angels event in Casselman and had talked to some of the girls about going and was happy to hear that many of them had planned to attend.

I showed up Sunday shortly after noon and first met up with Phil, he offered me a beer (I started off with simple, Kichesippi Natural Blonde) and we talked about the obvious closure of my restaurant, what’s going on with the brewery, and all about Harvey and Vern’s Olde Fashioned Soda.

Harvey and Vern’s Olde Fashioned Sodas are all natural and are produced with real sugar Harvey & Vern'scane. All the products are also produced right within the Kichesippi Brewery. As of right now they have only launched two products; Ginger Beer & Cream Soda. Out of both I preferred the Ginger Beer, but I’m not a huge fan of Cream Soda in general. Both sodas don’t contain any artificial colouring, the colouring in the Ginger Beer is solely due to the natural colour from the ginger and ginseng. Harvey and Vern’s Olde Fashioned Sodas will be available sometime May 2013.

With throwing a great party one must have great food, Kichesippi did a great job with picking two great vendors. Unfortunately I didn’t try either of the vendors mainly due to dietary reasons, but I admired the fellow angels gourmet eats. Streat Gourmet provided the best looking sandwiches Ive seen and for dessert Pascale’s Ice Cream was serving up delicious looking beer oriented treats.

Throughout the afternoon I hung around with the fellow angels and discussed the growth of Kichesippi and all of their products. After finishing my first beer, I switched it up to Heller High Water (a Bavarian Lager.) and continued to enjoy the good company.Happy 3 Years! As angels we generally have a challenge of ‘pinning’ the owner or brewmaster with a Barley’s Angels pin. April (a fellow Angel) and I stepped up to challenge and ended up getting both Paul (Co-Owner of Kichesippi) and Phil (One of their Reps) to wear the pin.

At the end of it all it was a good afternoon and I can say Kichesippi can really put on a great party. Congratulations to Kichesippi on 3 years! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with in the future!

– The Beer Gypsy


One thought on “Cheers for 3 Years! – Kichesippi Anniversary Party

  1. I was just watching CTV news, The interview about Harvey & Vern’s Brew, they said it was called after two grandfathers, one called Harvey was from quyon, just wondering what his last name was, as I’m a long time Quyon resident.

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