From Winter Beard To A Legendary Oddity

muskoka brewsI’m going to admit something, until having Winterbeard I had never had a Muskoka Brewery product. Not because I haven’t wanted to but because I only have so much room in my fridge and for the last couple of months I’ve been working my way through 4 cases of Flying Monkeys and an assortment of Beaus bottles.

I bought Winter Beard with the intention of using it for cooking (Cooking with Stouts & Porters) but had enough left over for couple glasses.

Winter Beard Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout: Pours thick almost black with subtle traces of brown. The aromas of the beer were exactly what the title states, smooth dark chocolate with the sharp tang of the cranberries. On the palette dark chocolate and heavy malts take center stage following up with a subtle taste of cranberries. Heavy bodied with low carbonation. This creamy stout is perfect to curl up with on a cold night.

I was in Smiths Falls a couple weeks back at the LCBO (The selection of Craft products is a bit bigger than the Kemptville LCBO and I didn’t feel like driving to the city.) I came across The Legendary Muskoka Oddity, another seasonal product by Muskoka Brewery. Seeing as I had liked Winter Beard so much I took a shot at this interesting Belgian ale. Curious, putting the word “legendary” in your beer title is an extremely bold thing to do.

The Legendary Muskoka Oddity: Pours a straw gold colour with thick head which gradually reduces. Aromas of Belgian yeast and citrus, slight pepper notes. On the palette it’ sweet with a kick. The juniper berries & spices mixed together along with the subtle hints of grassy hopes, it’s fairly complex on the palette. Medium bodied with medium carbonation. Even with the intense amount of flavours I was actually surprised to enjoy this beer, it’s definitely worth buying an extra to cellar.

If you’re lucky to find a bottle of Winter Beard at an LCBO, stock up! This winter seasonal will be off the shelves very shortly. The Legendary Muskoka Oddity however has been released as of Feb 1st and will continue throughout the upcoming months. With the release of the new seasonal I can’t help but wonder, is it spring yet?

– The Beer Gypsy


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