WinterBrewed & FeBREWary!

As January comes to an end the NCC gears up for the 35th edition of Winterlude running from February 1st to 18th. I for one cannot wait to get on the Canal. Skating is probably my favourite winter activity (fun fact: I figure skated for eights years) I already have my skates sharpened and a hunger for beaver tails on! As the excitement of Winterlude begins to settle in I gear up for this years first winter craft beer festival.

From the award winning team that brought us National Capital Craft Beer Week. Winterbrewed is a two day beer festival held at Sparks Street Mall. Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of craft brewing in the region, there will for sure be a ton of amazing seasonal craft brews and fantastic food.


Event: WinterBrewed Festival

  Where: Sparks Street Mall, Ottawa, ON

  When: Saturday, February 16th & Sunday, February 17th, 2013

  Time: 11:30am to 9:00pm daily

The month of February is FeBREWary again this year at Beau’s All Natural Brewing, with special events and beer releases every week during the month. 7 Beer Release in 5 Weeks! Collaborative Brews, Fan Favourites, and Events at the Brewery and across Ontario. I’m very fortunate to say that The Branch is one of the participating restaurants and that for a month I’ll be able to enjoy one of these delicious brews. Beaus has always been a favourite of mine, it was the first brewery I had ever been too and probably one of the first craft beers I ever drank as well.

Week One: The launching of “Oiseau De Nuit: Pumpkin Gruit” their collaboration with Elysian Brewing (Seattle, USA.)

  • Fri. Feb 1st: International Gruit Day
  • Fri. Feb 1st: Release Day – Oiseaux De Nuit
  • Fri. Feb 1st: Cask Tapping: Oiseau De Nuit (Beau’s Brewery)
  • Sat. Feb 2nd: Oiseau De Nuit Open House – Winter Carnival! (Beau’s Brewery)

oiseau de nuit

Week Two: The release of “Dubbel Koyt” (a Dutch gruit made with oats, bog myrtle and yarrow.)

  • Thu Feb 7th: Release Day –Dubbel Koyt
  • Fri Feb 8th: Cask Tapping – Bog•Father Wooden Cask (Beau’s Brewery)
  • Sat Feb 9th: Dubbel Koyt Open House – Mardi Gras! (Beau’s Brewery)
  • Sun Feb 10th: Canadian Beer News Winter Beer Festival (The Rhino, Toronto)

dubbel koyt

Week Three: The Bog Father is back & it’s time for the cask-tapping of Beaver River! Oh, and let’s not forget about Winterbrewed! Just in time for Valentines day the Urban Element is throwing a 6 course dinner!

  • Tue Feb 12: Beau’s Beer Dinner (Urban Element, Ottawa)
  • Thu Feb 14: Release Day – Bog•Father Imperial Gruit
  • Thu Feb 14: Release Day – Barrel Aged Dark Helmüt (Members Only!)
  • Fri Feb 15: Cask Tapping – Beaver•River (Beau’s Brewery)
  • Fri Feb 15: Winterbrewed Launch Party (Bridgehead Roastery, Ottawa)
  • Feb 16-17: Winterbrewed Craft Beer Festival (Sparks Street, Ottawa)

bog father

Week Four: The “Mutineer Imperial Pilsner” (77 IBU) and “Beaver River I.P.Eh.” (60IBU) take over! With multiple tappings and takeovers it’s only right to celebrate with a 5 course brunch courtesy of Vert Fourchette.

  • Thu Feb 21st: Release Day – Mutineer Imperial Pilsner
  • Thu Feb 21st: Release Day – Beaver River I.P.Eh.
  • Thu Feb 21st: Mutineer Release Party – Beau’s + Get Well Collaborative Tap Takeover! (Get Well, Toronto)
  • Fri Feb 22nd: Cask Tapping – Mutineer (Beau’s Brewery)
  • Sat Feb 23rd: Beaver River Open House (Beau’s Brewery)
  • Sat Feb 24th: Beau’s Beer Brunch (5-Course) at Vert Fourchette (Vert Fourchette, Vankleek Hill)


Week Five: Slowing creeping our way into March we lead into some fun seasonal themed beers. Have some “Strong Patrick” to prep yourself for St. Patty’s Day.

  • Thu Feb 28th: Release Day – Strong Patrick
  • Fri March 1st: Cask Tapping – Strong Patrick (Beau’s Brewery)
  • Sat March 2nd: Strong Patrick Open House (Beau’s Brewery)

strong patrick

Oh you’ve probably noticed I’ve done some tweaking to my blog, over the next couple of weeks I plan on working on the layout and some other little details to personalize my blog more. I also wanted to make sure I had a place to shot out to other Beer Bloggers & Websites because why not spread the love? That being said check out The Beer Reporter & Sheltered Girl Meets World, both great reads.

– The Beer Gypsy


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