A Taste of France.

When I was in high school I was extremely fortunate to participate in a student exchange to France. I lived in Viroflay, a small town in the south-western suburbs of Paris. With it only being 14km from the center of the city, it waphoto-12s a easy commute to sight see with just hopping on the RER. I fell in love with the Boulangeries and Crêperies. Sitting outside on the patio, people watching while enjoying a café and a pain au chocolat. I consumed the culture of France and longed to have a comparison back in Canada. Coming home to Kemptville finding something to even closely compare to my experience was slim to none, that is until The Crusty Baker came along.

The Crusty Baker is a European style Boulangerie/Crêperie, I was blown away with the similarities with not only the food but the atmosphere and feel of this cute little bakery. Walking in the first thing you see and smell is the fresh bread. A small counter top surrounded by gourmet breads and treats, behind a crêpe station where you can watch them prepare your crêpe right in front of you. Brandy joined me for lunch and we sat at a small table in the center of the room, it was fairly busy with most tables being taken. We ordered coffees and looked through the menu. I knew I wanted a crepe and even though I probably should have ate something a little more lunch time appropriate, I caved and went for their chocolate/banana crêpe. Brandy on the other hand was better then me and went with a soup and sandwich.

While we waited for our food we glanced around at our surroundings and read the trivia cards that were on the table. The room was filled with chatter though I continued to whisper because I felt my voice was much louder than everyone else. When our food arrived we were taken back with the presentation and the size. My crepe was almost the size of the plate and Brandys soup and salad was enough to feed two breadpeople. She ended up taking some home while I managed to finish my plate.

I was so impressed with the quality of the food, It was the best lunch I’ve had in a really long time. A place this good in Kemptville? And to compare to something in France? It’s too good to be true. When we went to cash out I had no choice but to purchase some bread, I decided with a gourmet loaf of Potato Bacon Bread and because of my sweet tooth I also threw in a butter tart.

For those of you in the city, it’s definitely worth the drive out to this cute bakery. You won’t be disappointed.

– The Beer Gypsy


One thought on “A Taste of France.

  1. Completely agree. The bread comparison is appropriate and each time I eat there I am enthralled by the soup as it is ever changing. So great to find such a gem.

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