Cold Nights & Craft Beer.

It was a cold day out folks! Frostbite advisory and -36 with the windchill. I for one spent my day reading my new book “The Naked Pint” by Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune (Which I mentioned in the post before) and dreading having to step out into the cold.

When the time came Ifajita night bundled myself up and prepared for the walk to work, now I make it sound like I’m about to step into extreme arctic weather and I admit I am Canadian and I can handle the cold but seriously it’s friggin’ cold out. That 5minute walk felt like 15min. I was happy to step in the warmth and cozy atmosphere of The Branch.

Wednesday Night is Fajita Night at The Branch Restaurant & Texas Grill. All you can eat for $14.99, which is a great deal. It includes grilled & sliced beef, roasted chicken, peppers, onions, portabello mushrooms, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, & cheese, beans, rice, & tortillas, salad, and cornbread. Wednesday nights also feature live local talent, every month a different local musician is selected to play in the Wednesday night slot at The Branch. It’s a tip jar show so there is no cover, but tips are always appreciated. For the Month of January and a bit of February we have George Buys (Rhythm & Blues) and for the rest of February I was extremely happy to hear Steve Cater (Country/Country Rock) will be performing. A personal favourite as he’s played at Lock many times before.

Busy family? To tired to cook after work, but don’t want to go out? One of the greatest things I think to happen is that The Branch now offers a Family Takeout Dinner! The meal is designed to feed a family of four, or if you eat like my roommates and myself takeoutit will feed three of us. It includes a half herb roasted chicken, 1 lb of house-smoke brisket, roasted potatoes, seasonal veggies, coleslaw, gluten-free corn bread, and Canadian Maple BBQ sauce. All of this for ONLY $44.99! An amazing deal for the amount and quality of food. You’d be crazy not to order it! The Takeout Dinner is only available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays and all you have to do is call before 3pm to reserve your order.

One of the things that really drew me to The Branch was the fact that they only carry craft beers on tap.

– Beaus Lug Tread Lagered Ale (Vankleek Hill)
– Beaus Seasonal Brew (Currently: Farm Table from The Wild Oat Series) (Vankleek Hill)
– Hogsback European Amber Lager (Ottawa)
– Barley Days Wind & Sail Dark Ale (Picton)
– Mill Street Cobblestone Stout (Toronto)

I can say I truly enjoy all of those beers but my personal favourite out of the bunch will always be Beaus, Lug Tread or Seasonal I can always count on a delicious and tasty brew from them.

New in a bottle from Lake of Bays (A micro brewery located in Baysville, Ontario.) With the option of “Crosswind” Pale Ale and “Spark House” Red Ale. Which I am extremely eager to try, it’s just difficult you put a draft tap in front of me and I usually steer away from bottles. For this though, I will have to make an exception.

– The Beer Gypsy


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