Jazz, Bluegrass, & Probably the best food you’ll ever eat

As I stated before I have taken some time away from my role as Restaurant Manager at Lock 17 while it hibernates for the winter season. Myself however has a hard enough time sitting still so I have taken on a serving job at The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill. I haven’t written aboufarm tablet The Branch before and how I adored their food to begin with and now to be working a long side by side with those people is absolutely amazing and such a experience I’m looking forward to.

Working at The Branch will now give me the opportunity I have always wanted, to branch out (pardon the pun) and to explore amazing food, great music, and of course different craft beers. I have only had two shifts and the amount of culture that has already sunk in is incredible.

Wednesday I had my first shift, normally I’m extremely nervous and who am I kidding this time was no different. No matter how much experience anyone has in their field it’s normal to get the first day gitters. It’s not even the actual serving aspect, it’s knowing your surroundings, procedures, and trying not to step on any ones toes. I feel as though I did somewhat of a good job in grasping most of those concepts.

After work was when naturally I took my place sitting at the bar, listening to Jazz Latte perform as I sipenchiladaped on a Beaus Lugtread. Fortunately for me The Branch has a “Seasonals” tap featuring the “Wild Oat Series” by Beaus, I couldn’t help myself but get a sample. Currently on tap is Farm Table a Belgian Pale Ale, which I was so excited to see because kegs were limited. It’s a very refreshing beer, it had a very nice balance of fruity and spicy aromas. Definitely a great match up with the menu items offered at The Branch. As much as I enjoyed the beer with it’s dry and sharp finish I could probably only handle one pint.

For my dinner I had asked Bruce if he could make me whatever he wanted off the menu, I need to try everbrisketything once and I am so happy I said that my first dinner as an employee was absolutely amazing. Beef Enchiladas, I couldn’t eat it all and ended up taking it home which my roommates greatly appreciated.

Tonight was my second night at The Branch, first thing was a pleasant surprise that Beaus had dropped off two cases of Winterbrewed, which I have been waiting forever to try. My plan was to try it after work but then decided just to stick with what I know for now and get to it sometime this weekend. Maple Hill Bluegrass started at 8pm and I was so excited, I love bluegrass. I decided to stay for a beer, eat my dinner and enjoy the music. My dinner this evening was their famous Brisket, I don’t think I’ve ever ate a meal so fast in my life. I am totally going to gain weight from all of the food, it’s way too good.

It’s getting late, and I need my rest for the busy weekend a head.


Friday, January 18 – James Leclaire, 7pm, tip jar show.

Saturday, January 19 – Brian Fisher and the Barre à clou Blues Band, 9pm, tip jar show.

– The Beer Gypsy



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