A Karaoke Chistmas & Beaus Brewery

With just a little under a month to plan my charity event, A Karaoke Christmas was a success. Honestly I’m completely surprised I managed to put it all together. In late November I decided I wanted Lock 17 to do something for the community during the holiday season. I had already planned an early Christmas party with karaoke and just decided to tie in my charity event. As much as Karaoke, Christmas, and Charity appeal to quite a bit of people I wanted to draw it even across the board by throwing in a beer promo as well, that’s when britt + mar.Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. stepped up to the plate. After looking through all the charity’s I decided my best bet would to donate to the local food banks.

Friday started early for me, I’ve been serving in the mornings to watch the restaurant more closely so had to multitask setting up and serving. I finished decorating, served the lunch rush and set up my table for the silent auction. The one perk of being there all morning was that it gave me the opportunity to actually take the night off to enjoy the promo. I left the restaurant around 5pm with plans to come back around 7pm when most of the event had already begun. I was extremely nervous and didn’t want to be there pacing back and forth waiting for people to get there. I had my hopes high and didn’t want to be disappointed after all it is for charity. Eventually I had my mind set that no matter how much we raised it was still going to a good cause.

The silent auction started at 5pm and by the time I got there at 7pm the bids already had been tallied to $300.00, I could honestly feel myself getting red in the face and feeling so overwhelmed with the fact that it was actually working. People were actually there to help and raise money.

At around 8pm we started the Beaus All Natural Brewing Co. promo, I was very fortunate to meet Dave before the promo and sit down and get the low down on what we were going to do. Four samples were being offered, Beaus Lugtread, Koru, Oktobock, and Bogwater. I was so excited, love Beaus went to the the brewery a couple years back before the expansion.

Karaoke started at 9pm and with DJ dave taking the floor and my trusty elves in place (I had the girls dress up as elves) I plopped myself down on a bar stool and started the sampling.
Beaus Lugtread:
I actually love this beer, it was probably one of the first craft beers I ever had. It pours a golden colour with good carbonation. The smell hoppy yet with a hint of sweetness. The taste has a good balance of hop, without overpowering the malt or wheat. It’s medium light bodied, nice and smooth.

Koru: A Belgian Pale ale, great aroma and poured a straw amberish colour. The taste however was not to my liking but I like to give all beers a shot. I found that the finish was overly bitter for my taste buds.

Oktobock: A great bock beer I was pretty impressed. Pouring a nice rich gold colour with a nice amount of head. Although the aroma was a bit lacking I found the beer incredibly smooth for a bock. It was a refreshing strong beer, went down nice and easy.

Bogwater: A stunningly deep, rich, brown/amber color and minimal head that disappears quickly. Aroma of sugar and herbal notes, the taste was sweet with a light herbal finish. Full bodied, almost stout like. Although being a darker heavier beer I actually really enjoyed it.

After countless samples I realized I still needed up totally up the silent auction, so I took a break with the beer and finished the silent auction. In total we raised $660.00 for the local food banks, which is above and beyond what I though we were going to raise. A success and now I cannot wait until next year…

– The Beer Gypsy



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