Beer & Philly Moves

My days off are usually spent getting stuff done that I don’t normally have time to do when I’m working. Yesterday and Today though, I’ve spent my time doing nothing but facebook creepin, online shopping, tattoo searching, and recipe copying. It’s nice to let my brain melt a bit, being put together all the time can drive a person insane. It’s starting to do that to me at least. With all of this time online  it seems it is only acceptable to have a couple beers to make the night more entertaining. So as I start to try and tackle my fridge of Flying Monkeys I’ve been scrolling through my itunes trying to decide what I wanted to listen to. Eventually I decided to kick it with Philly Moves, if you don’t know who they are, check the link and listen to the video below. You won’t be disappointed!

Philly Moves ———–> WEBSITE

I’m really sorry the beer reviews and posts have been lacking, but I am happy to say on Friday I am hosting a charity event at Lock 17 where Beaus All Natural Brewing Company will be there for sampling and information on new products. Obviously you all will get a good update as well as probably hilarious pictures of my staff and myself dressed up as elves.

Until then,

– The Beer Gypsy


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