Oh November.

November has kicked my butt. Honestly, anyone in the restaurant industry (at least in this area) can agree with me that November is actually a month from hell. Business generally slows down and the pressures of maintaining profit are at an all time high. Although the restaurant has been less than busy I have been going none stop since the end of October. Which explains my lack of blogging for a month. Like I’ve stated before I wanted to get back into it and actually stay committed to writing, but with work and other unexpected issues popping up it’s a surprise that I’m not a mess. I’ve just had to sacrifice some things I love for a bit until I got settled back down into a comfortable reality.

Where to start… At the the end of October after coming home from Cask Days the roommates and I discussed the living situation we were in and how it wasn’t really working for us. After coming to a decision to move we packed up the things and went apartment searching. After finding a house we were out the door within two weeks. I hate moving, it honestly sucks but at least it’s a great place. Big enough for all three of us but not too big that we can’t find each other (at the other house you could honestly play hide and go seek, I was constantly terrified of Conner popping up around the corner and scaring me.) I lucked out with getting the biggest room with huge windows, it originally was a living room but decided to convert it to my bedroom. Seeing as it’s so big though it’s gonna need some love. Good paint job and some decorating, it’s hard finding the time though with all the Christmas parties I have to plan at work. Attempted to take a panoramic view of my room but slightly failed, but will still post it.

Besides the moving I’ve been busy planning a numerous amount of private parties from 30people to 100people, which actually is slightly stressful when you think about how many people are depending on you to make sure they have a good time. Along with parties coming up with ideas to bring people into the restaurant has been my top priority. With Christmas coming up charity is always on my mind so I decided to host a charity fundraiser with the restaurant to benefit local food banks. ‘A Karaoke Christmas’ which will obviously include Karaoke in addition to a Silent Auction… with me being up with my craft beers I decided to call up Beaus and get a promo going on the same night. It should be a great night, Karaoke and Beaus beer? I can’t wait.

Well I hate to bore people but that is my little sum up of where I’ve been… now prepare to be bombarded with an extreme amount of posts.

peace and love

– The Beer Gypsy


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