Just Another Friday Night

Like I stated before these last couple days have been hectic and ridiculous.
In my life I’ve lately been given opportunities one wouldn’t normally get at my age, but somehow I have. Becoming Assistant Restaurant Manager was one thing but now I have been given an opportunity to buy a condo… which normally anyone my age would just go into shock then start screaming and instantly start to think about the massive party’s they’ll be having. Me? I think about the bills, Will I make enough to pay my mortgage, utilities, and just general living expenses? My head goes into panic mode instantly… I’m a worrier.

I was told to go check it out, so I did. I was nervous, like anyone would be. I drove up to the development they weren’t bad looking… but I’m not living on the outside right? Anyway I met with the salesperson and they showed me around the place. It was absolutely beautiful, I couldn’t help but smile. I was told everything is being taken care of, that it’s all going to work out. With that, panic mode kicked in again. Then I remembered what boss had told me (that it’s an opportunity and the person that’s helping me would never steer me wrong) when boss tells me something I listen, He gives good advice.

So needless to say I wanted to celebrate after work that Friday night so I called up my friend Brittany to go for a couple of drinks at Lock (she’s also my senior server at lock.) Britt and I go way back, we we’re best friends in grade 7. We used to stay up all night and sing karaoke or record ourselves pretending we had our own news show. We were also really lame.

Britt came over to Lock when I was done work to have a couple drinks, Steve came too! (Steve is Britt’s boyfriend, and also a good friend of mine.) When she got there she sat down and asked me what I was going to drink… honestly it was just one of those nights. I really wanted to let lose, it’s been awhile since I had some fun (I’ve been working for 19 days straight now.) So I gave her the look and she knew, I asked the bartender for a Stein… Yes that’s right I broke out the 1L beer, and not just any beer it was Steam Whistle which made the deal even better.

At Lock on Friday nights we have entertainment of some sort. Either it’s Karaoke with DJ Dave or live music, there’s always something going on. That night it was Steve Cater performing an array of country songs (new & old) it was great. He’s actually so good, Britt and I got really into it singing along. The set was from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, we honestly wished it had been longer!

After the set was over my stein was almost finishing and Britt was only half way done hers. She also put a smirnoff ice in hers half way though. It was then I had to make a big judgement call, continue drinking and if I do what? or go home. It didn’t take long and was a pretty easy call that I was going to stay. I looked at the bartender and told her to refill my stein, I can totally handle another Litre of beer.

The night ended pretty late, we ended up keeping the bar open but I can say we weren’t the last ones to leave the bar. To note quickly Britt lives in the area and got picked up and I had a DD so we both got home safe. Good thing too, we both had a crazy amount of shots and beer. It was all good though, one night I actually relaxed and let go… although the next morning I can say I was not a happy camper. It was a pretty rough morning. I think next time I’ll hold off on that second litre of beer.

– The Beer Gypsy


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