Railway City Brewing Co. at Lock 17 Bistro

Honey Elixir (Name to be changed soon ) by Railway City Brewing Co.

This weekend just flew right by. So much to do in so little time, but isn’t that always the case? With my job I’m actually very fortunate to be able to have as much flexibility with my hours as I do. That being said I have to be extremely organized to make sure everything is done before I take time off or even consider leaving the restaurant for the day. This week I decided for the first time in over a month I’d give myself two consecutive days off. Which probably has caused me more stress then it should, but oh well.

Friday night at Lock 17 we had the great pleasure of hosting the Railway City Brewing Co. tasting. Steve from RCBC came down with some of there great products. Iron Spike Blonde & Cooper as well as samplings of Dead Elephant IPA which we currently have on tap. Over all it was a great success and we got great feedback from the public. (I love doing tastings, it makes it so much easier to decide what to bring on tap) After everything was said and done I was given a lovely present myself a bottle of their Honey Elixir (Which name has to be changed due to the LCBO, that’s besides the point though.) This beer is actually fantastic, I wish I had more of it. My roommate Brandy even tried it and loved it. Which means a lot because this is coming from a girl I had to force to drink beer. She started out on Corona (Gross, I know) then moved on to Coors Light (Which isn’t much better, but it’s a start.) The fact that she says she likes it means it honestly must be a fantastic beer and it’s not that I’m just bias towards RCBC. I love their products and I’m constantly reminded on how far away the brewery is and that I HAVE to make a trip up there. Another little fun fact that I’m happy to share with everyone, Lock 17 is actually one of three places that carry a Railway City Brewing Co. product in the Ottawa and surrounding area.

Unfortunately this post is going to be short, I’m absolutely exhausted and trying to do this thing where I try to eat healthy, wake up early and exercise… So I should probably go to bed. Let’s see how long I can keep this up for…

– The Beer Gypsy


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