Introduction of the girl.

Finally I have had time to set up a blog again, when I was in college I was addicted to blogging. I used it as a place to vent, display my art work, and to just feel like someone actually took the time to care about what I was writing about. Looking back I really don’t understand why anyone would read it, slightly boring if you ask me. Not that I have become any more interesting but at least I have something substantial to write about.

My life in the last four years has been a whirlwind. I’ve moved eight times (three times to major cities, while the others consisted of bouncing back and forth from my mothers place or short time rentals in the surrounding area.) I’ve attended two great colleges, first for art, the second for hospitality hotel & restaurant management. I have meet amazing people, some I know longer talk to but made huge impacts on my life. I’ve had my heart broken, and have probably done the same to someone else. I’ve had ugly relationships that have caused long term struggles. In light of all of this though, I’ve grown to learn it’s in the past. Even if it does have some sort of effect on my future, I should be able to focus it in a positive way.

With my job I’ve been given a great opportunity to grow. I’ve been serving for the last five years but knew in the long run I wanted to be managing. Lock 17 was supposed to be a halfway place, I was only going to stay a minimum of one season as a full time Server. Being the restaurant business though things change, and sometimes often. In the end with a lot of hard work, late nights, and knowing the place in and out, I got promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager.

I LOVE Craft Beer, and sometimes I think love is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong I’ll drink any beer, my preference just always has been Craft. I know my beers inside and out at work, with a little research and sampling (lots, and lots of sampling) I’ve been called the master of beers at work… of course I hardly know everything about beer… Just where I’m situated everyone thinks Bud Light is the best beer ever to be put on the earth. With that in mind I decided I should start writing about Beer (and food, I probably love food just as much as beer) and all the other little things that seem to be interesting. I want to influence other girls to get out there and try beer, because seriously Coors Light Ice Tea and Bud Light Lime ARE NOT REAL beers. The name just seemed to fall into place with the amount of moving and traveling I do and my love of beer; ‘Beer Gypsy’ just seemed to fit.

So there you go folks, a very brief introduction about myself. Normally, I don’t ramble as much but it’s two o’clock in the morning, give me a break.

– The Beer Gypsy

ImageAt Lock 17 Bistro (Burritt’s Rapids, ON) enjoying a pint of Dead Elephant IPA (Railway City Brewing Co.)


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